Between 150 and 200 million pounds of pesticides are applied in California each year. The potential impact of these pesticides on health and the environment is not yet fully understood. UCLA COEH both conducts scientific research on the health effects of pesticides, and analyzes policy and engages stakeholders to improve public health protections. UCLA COEH members Beate Ritz, Wendie Robbins and Director Michael Jerrett research the impact of pesticide exposures on cancer and Parkinson’s disease, male and female reproductive health, and the possible interactive effects of pesticides. COEH members have also conducted assessments of the pesticide approval process, and have recommended policy approaches to improve the regulation of individual pesticides and pesticide mixtures. Shane Que Hee has studied the permeation of pesticide formulations through both disposable and chemically protective gloves, developed the first predictive model for these complex mixtures and their active ingredients, and developed the analytical methods to assess what is in these mixtures.

Member and Associate Projects

Eskanazi(PI), Jerrett (Co-I)
2016 – 2021
Effects of Early Life Exposure to Social Adversity and Pesticides on Risk-Taking Behavior of 16-18 years old.
Sponsor: National Instute of Environmental Health Sciences & University of California Berkeley
Study aims to investigate early life environmental and social exposure on risk taking behavior in adolescents.