2022 Awardees

2022 COEH Student Project Awardees

COEH is proud to support its fourth round of student projects awards. Students proposed research projects in occupational or environmental health to be conducted under the guidance of a COEH affiliated faculty. Teaching, service, community intervention, and policy projects were also considered, with the purpose of encouraging MS and Doctoral students to work in teams with students from other disciplines in order to better address real world problems.

Contaminant Releases During Hurricane Harvey: Implications for Natechs for Climate Justice and Health?

Alique Berberian (PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences) and Lara Cushing (Faculty Advisor)


Indoor Air Quality in Dental School Clinical Laboratory

Surui Zhang (PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences) and Candace Tsai (Faculty Advisor)

Assessing the racial/ethnic disparity in air pollution, socioeconomic factors, and adverse birth outcomes and economic evaluation of air pollution reduction in Los Angeles County

Sherlock Li (PhD student in Epidemiology) and Beate Ritz (Faculty Advisor)