2016 Awardees

2016 Student Project Awards

In 2016, COEH was proud to award its first round of student projects. Students proposed research projects in occupational or environmental health to be conducted under the advising of COEH and affiliated faculty. Teaching, service, community intervention, and policy projects were also considered, with the purpose being to encourage MS and Doctoral students to work in teams with students from other disciplines in order to better address real world problems.

We congratulate these outstanding scholars. Learn more about their projects by viewing their posters below.


Aanchal Kohli (PhD Student), and Magali Delmas (Faculty Advisor)
View the Poster Here. 

A hair salon occupational health and safety recognition program

Teni Adewumi-Gunn (PhD student), and Wendie Robbins (Faculty Advisor)
View the Poster Here. 

Estimating the deposition of fugitive emissions from a scrap metal recycling facility near vulnerable communities in southeast L.A.

Katherine McNamara (PhD student), Tim Malloy (Faculty Advisor), and Shane Que Hee (Project Advisor)
View the Poster Here. 

Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Activities (PASTA) in Los Angeles

Jonah Lipsitt (PhD student), and Michael Jerrett (Faculty Advisor)
View the Poster Here. 

Survey of electronic cigarette vape shops and their residual effects on nearby businesses in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Charlene Nguyen (PhD student), Yifang Zhu (Faculty Advisor), and Shane Que Hee (Project Advisor)
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