Continuing Professional Education

The Southern California region is home to two-thirds of California’s workforce.  UCLA COEH plays a critical role in providing continuing education and professional development courses on key occupational health topics to thousands of workers and management professionals.  Please visit our Service & Outreach page for more information about upcoming courses and trainings.

Registered Environmental Health Specialist

The UCLA Department of Environmental Health Sciences has an articulation agreement with the California Department of Public Health which allows EHS MPH graduates to sit for the Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) exam after graduation. A person certified in REHS works to improve the quality of life and health through environmental education, consultation, and enforcement. Although a majority of those who are REHS-certified work for government, many are also employed by the private sector.

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Continuing Education, Training and Professional Development

The Southern California NIOSH Education and Research Center (ERC) is one of 18 multidisciplinary centers in the United States supported by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for education and research in the field of occupational health.

SCERC offers a variety of continuing education courses for the modern workforce, in topics such as respiratory protection, hazardous materials management, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, noise and hearing loss prevention, risk management and other workplace safety topics.

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