Research Areas

Research and research training are central in COEH activities. Graduate students have the opportunity to engage in multi-disciplinary research with COEH faculty at one of the country’s top research institutions. COEH research focuses on immediate and local problems, contributing to protecting the health of Californians and the global community.

UCLA COEH members undertake activities and research in the following areas:

  • Occupational Health

    Workers are regularly exposed to increased risks through their jobs. UCLA COEH works to assess those risks and protect the state’s workers.  Read More

  • Environmental Health

    Environmental health is a broad field concerned with how natural and built environments affect human health. COEH faculty conduct research Read More

  • Air Pollution

    Southern California is host to some of the worst air pollution in the nation, and COEH is helping to assess exposure and understand the health Read More

  • Built Environment and Health

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    Brian Cole, DrPH | Health and Equity Implications of Gas Taxes & Read More

  • Chemicals and Toxics

    Chemicals are pervasive in today’s world, with tens of thousands of untested chemicals regularly released into our environment. COEH members’ Read More

  • Community-Based Research

    To complement the robust portfolio of laboratory research done by COEH faculty, members Yifang Read More

  • Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity

    The developing fetus is the most sensitive to environmental exposures which may occur through a variety of pathways. A number of COEH faculty Read More

  • Environmental Disasters

    UCLA COEH was at the forefront of the response to the Porter Ranch Gas Leak in 2016. COEH Director Read More

  • Ergonomics

    There are approximately 7,500 apparel firms currently operating in California most of which are located in Los Angeles, officially employing 144, Read More

  • Health Equity

    Health disparities, differences in health status across populations, are often the result of social and environmental determinants of health. COEH Read More

  • Occupational Medicine

    ** Under Construction ** 

  • Pesticides

    Between 150 and 200 million pounds of pesticides are applied in California each year. The potential impact of these pesticides on health and the Read More