2017 Awardees

2017 Student Project Awards

In 2017, COEH was proud to award its second round of student projects. Students proposed research projects in occupational or environmental health to be conducted under the advising of COEH and affiliated faculty.
Teaching, service, community intervention, and policy projects were also considered, with the purpose being to encourage MS and Doctoral students to work in teams with students from other disciplines in order to better address real world problems.

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Development of novel methodological tools for analyzing the health effects of wildfire smoke

Greg Watson (PhD Student), and Michael Jerrett (Faculty Advisor)

Evaluating the effects of Secondhand Smoke on Inflammation and Endothelial Dysfunction among International Travelers

Yan Lin (PhD student), and Yifang Zhu (Faculty Advisor)

Mediation Analysis of Traffic-Related and Out Door Air Pollution during Pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorder in Denmark

Yan Qui (PhD student), Beate Ritz (Faculty Advisor)

Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Activities (PASTA) in Los Angeles

Jonah Lipsitt (PhD student), and Michael Jerrett (Faculty Advisor)

Relationship between occupational and environmental exposures to antibiotic resistance genes and their presence in the human resistome in farm workers in CA

Christina Echeverria (PhD student), Beate Ritz (Faculty Advisor)

Studying engagement with air quaility information through a mobile app: identifying subgroups that use air quality information, how they engage with it over time and developing strategies that increase engagement to better protect health

Aanchal Kohli (PhD student), Magali Delmas (Faculty Advisor)