April 14, 2021 to April 15, 2021

10:00am – 12:00pm

Heat Illness Prevention

April 2021 – With the weather warming up and in preparation for summer, employers must
review and ensure compliance with the Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention regulation for
outdoor places of employment (we will briefly discuss indoor heat illness
as well).
During this 4hr live-webinar we will help employers and employees improve their safety
programs by explaining the roles supervisors and employees must play in order to
prevent heat illness at the workplace and stay compliant with this important California

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to the Cal/OSHA requirements for Heat Illness Prevention
  • Requirements for water, shade and rest
  • The Cal/OSHA required written Heat Illness Prevention Plan for outdoor places
    of employment
  • Cal/OSHA training requirements for employers and employees
  • Brief review to the latest draft for indoor heat illness prevention
  • Real life cases and Cal/OSHA citations under this standard.

Learning Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  1. Describe the importance of the Cal/OSHA’s Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez
  2. Mention two different ways to comply with the employer’s obligations to provide
    water, rest, and shade for workers in an outdoor environment
  3. Describe what constitutes “High Heat Procedures” under the standard
  4. Identify the elements of training for employees
  5. Identify the additional elements of training for supervisors
  6. Review a sample plan and enable participants to customize their own HIPP

Agenda *


1. Introduction to the Cal/OSHA’s Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez standard


A. Hierarchy of Controls
B. A breakdown of the Title 8 CCR 3395 Heat Illness prevention standard
C. Real life examples (deaths at the workplace due to Heat Illness)
D. Real life cases and Cal/OSHA citations under this standard

2. The required elements:

A. Access to water
B. Access to shade and rest
C. Monitoring the weather

 The resources you must utilize
 Who is responsible for monitoring the weather

 Description of Heat wave under the standard

D. Acclimatization
E. High heat procedures
F. Training for employees and supervisors: What must be included in your
training sessions for each group.

3. The elements of training per California requirements.

4. The Written Heat Illness Prevention Program. The Cal/OSHA sample plan

5. Quiz


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