November 29, 2017

9:00 pm / 10:00 pm

43-105 Center for Health Sciences (CHS)

A Local Burden of Disease Study Due to Outdoor Air Pollution
Recent estimates of the global burden of disease due to outdoor air pollution have highlighted the need to develop methods for consistent assessment of exposure, estimates of baseline health rates, and risk functions relating exposure to disease globally.  These estimates have now been applied to each country throughout the world, yielding estimates of excess deaths and disability adjusted life years from 1990 to the 2016.  However, detailed policy analyses are being conducted postulating how predicted changes in air quality affect population health, both globally and at the local level.   Should a global based program be applied to every local situation, where potentially unique physical/chemical composition of the atmospheric mixture of pollution exists?  Dr. Burnett will present a Canadian program designed to conduct a local based burden of disease using national exposure modelling and epidemiology studies specially designed to estimate population health impacts from exposure to outdoor air pollution from the cradle (birth outcomes), development of both childhood and adult diseases, cancer, and death (grave).