Yoram Cohen


Associated Faculty

5531 Boetler Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Academic Titles/Accomplishments/Affiliations:

BASc, University of Toronto, 1975
MASc, University of Toronto, 1977
PhD, University of Delaware, 1981

Research interest:
Surface Nano-Structuring
(silylation, graft pollymerization, topology of modified surfaces, surface properties)
Surface Crystallization
(Impacte of surface topology and chemistry on surface crystallization, selective
crystallizaton through surface nano-pattering Kinetics of surface crystallization)
Seperation Process
(Membranes: pervaporation; ultrafiltration; reserve osmosis and nanofiltration;
enhanced desalinzation water receovery with accelerated precipitation; plymer sorption
resins; size exclusion chromatography)
Polymer Chain Dynamics
(Dynamics of adsorbed and grafted polymer chains)
Electroactive Polymers
Cognitive Neural Networks
(Estimation of physicochemical properties; combinatorial approaches to
classification and ranking of pharmaceutical compounds and chemometric analysis
of theurapeutic drugs; process analysis)
Environmental Impact Analysis
(Modeling of contaminant partitioning in the multimedia environment;
Bioaccumulation of hydrophobic toxins; Contaminant transport in the soil matrix;
Chemical volatilization from shallow water bodies; Intermedia transport factors for
toxic air pollutants), Environmental exposure and risk assessment.