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A UCLA research team is partnering with the Royal Society for Public Health from the U.K. with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate to study “Health on Main Street.” Findings from this study will be used to develop planning tools that communities and business partners can use to make the places where we shop, eat and relax better support community health and well-being.

We want to get an on-the-ground perspective from community members about the specific types and mixes of businesses in your community and how they affect the health and well-being of community members. We’d also like to hear your ideas about changes that would improve health and well-being in your community, especially in light of the rapidly changing retail landscape in the post-covid era.

Online Focus Group

$50 e-gift card for focus group participation

We want to hear from people who have been thinking about retail and health in their area.

To learn about participating in this study, please review the Focus Group Information Sheet here.

Click to download the Focus Group Flyer.

Ground Truthing Workshops

$3,000 for participating in 3 workshops

Apply by July 12th, 2022

Aims of Ground Truthing & workshop series:
-Discuss retail/commercial area connections to health;
-Review methods and local findings from a national study on retail and health;
-Evaluate and/or expand upon an analysis of a retail area with UCLA support;
-Identify needs, opportunities, and options for fostering health and well-being.

Click to download the Request for Applications and the Workshop Agenda & Products documents.

Brief Interview

We’d like to speak with folks working in organizations that focus on retail and commercial areas and/or community health and well-being.

To learn about participating in this study, please review the Key Informant Information Sheet

There is no financial compensation for this interview.

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Please share this page anyone who may be interested. We welcome referrals.

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To learn more about our inspiration, the flagship “Health on the High Street” studies conducted by our partners at Royal Society for Public Health, visit