Environmental Health

Environmental health is a broad field concerned with how natural and built environments affect human health. COEH faculty conduct research exploring multiple dimensions of environmental health, including how occupational, living and commuting environments contribute to health outcomes. COEH members are also pioneering methods and technologies for exposure and risk characterization and management.


Member and Associate Projects

Zhu, Y. (PI)
The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Magazine
Enviornmental and Public Health Benifits from Achiving Sustainable Energy in Los Angeles

Zhu, Y. (PI), Liou, K.N., Jerrett M.J., Su, H., Tianyang, W., Zhao, B., Hall A.
UCLA Grand Challenges Sustainable LA
Environmental and Public Health Benefits from Achieving Sustainable Energy in Los Angeles County


Banerjee (PI), Jerrett (Co-I)
2017 –2022
Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Large Spatially and Temporally Misaligned Data in Environmental Health Applications.


Jerrett, M. (PI)                                                                                                                       
Bureau of Land Management
Health effects from wildfire air pollution: a spatiotemporal modeling approach
Understanding the public health impacts associated with wildfire smoke exposure by creating a spatiotemporal ozone model for exposure to the 2008 northern California fires.


Annesi-Maesano(PI), Jerrett (Co-I)
European Commission           
2013 –2018
Health and Environmental-Wide Associations Based on Large Population Surveys.
To examine effects in European cohorts multiple and cumulative exposures on birth, respiratory and metabolic health outcomes.