Michael Jerrett

COEH Director, EHS Chair
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health 
650 Charles E. Young DR S, 56-070 CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Academic Titles/Accomplishments/Affiliations: 

PhD, Geography, University of Toronto, 1996
MA, Political Sciences/ Environmental Studies, University of Toronto, 1988
BS, Environmental Science, Trent University, 1986

Research interest: 
Exposure Assessment, Geographic Information Science

Dr. Michael Jerrett is an internationally recognized expert in Geographic Information Science for Exposure Assessment and Spatial Epidemiology. He is professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA. Dr. Jerrett earned his PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto (Canada). For the past 15 years, Dr. Jerrett has researched how to characterize population exposures to air pollution and built environmental variables, how to understand the social distribution of these exposures among different groups (e.g., poor vs. wealthy), and how to assess the health effects from environmental exposures. Over the decade, Dr. Jerrett has also studied the contribution of the built and natural environment to physical activity, behavior and obesity. In 2009, the United States National Academy of Science appointed Dr. Jerrett to the Committee on “Future of Human and Environmental Exposure Science in the 21st Century.” The committee recently concluded its task with the publication of a report entitled "Exposure Science in the 21st Century: A Vision and a Strategy." In 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency appointed Dr. Jerrett to the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Sub-Committee for Nitrogen Oxides. In 2014, Dr. Jerrett was named to the Thomson Reuters List of Highly Cited Researchers, indicating he is in the top 1% of all authors in the fields of Environment/Ecology in terms of citation by other researchers.

Recent Publications

Jerret, M. (PI)
The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Magazine
Exposure to PM2.5 and PM10 Concentrations and Their Helath Impacts on Children Living in the Imperial Valley County (California Southeastern Region)

Eskanazi(PI), Jerrett(Co-I)
2016 – 2021
Effects of Early Life Exposure to Social Adversity and Pesticides on Risk-Taking Behavior of 16-18 years old.
Study aims to investigate early life environmental and social exposure on risk taking behavior in adolescents.

Association of residential greenness with obesity and physical activity in a US cohort of women 
PJ Villeneuve, M Jerrett, JG Su, S Weichenthal, DP Sandler 
Environmental Research 160, 372-3842018 October 2017

Living Close to Natural Outdoor Environments in Four European Cities: Adults’ Contact with the Environments and Physical Activity

M Triguero-Mas, D Donaire-Gonzalez, E Seto, A Valentín, G Smith, M Jerrett... 
International journal of environmental research and public health 14 (10), 11622017 September 2017 

Opportunistic Environmental Sensing with Smartphones: a Critical Review of Current Literature and Applications 
E Nemati, C Batteate, M Jerrett 
Current Environmental Health Reports 4 (3), 306-3182017 September 2017

Development and field validation of a community-engaged particulate matter air quality monitoring network in imperial, CA 
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Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association2017 September 2017

Ambient Air Pollution and Cancer Mortality in the Cancer Prevention Study II 
MC Turner, D Krewski, WR Diver, CA Pope 3rd, RT Burnett, M Jerrett, ... 
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The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: A Model for Community-based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action. 
PB English, L Olmedo, E Bejarano, H Lugo, E Murillo, E Seto, M Wong, M. Jerrett... 
Environmental Health Perspectives 125 (7), 0745012017 July 2017

Learn how your group can implement community-based air quality monitoring: article+ webinar on August 24 
PB English, L Olmedo, E Bejarano, H Lugo, E Murillo, E Seto, M Wong, M. Jerrett... 
Environmental Health Perspectives2017 July 2017

Long-term exposure to ambient ultrafine particles and respiratory disease incidence in in Toronto, Canada: a cohort study 
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Environmental Health 16 (1), 642017 June 2017

Validating novel air pollution sensors to improve exposure estimates for epidemiological analyses and citizen science 
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Associations Between Residential Greenness and Adverse Birth Outcomes: A National Study of Canadian Women 
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The relationship between bicycle commuting and perceived stress: a cross-sectional study 
I Avila-Palencia, A de Nazelle, T Cole-Hunter, D Donaire-Gonzalez, ... 
BMJ open 7 (6), e0135422017 June 2017

How Sensors Might Help Define the External Exposome 
M Loh, D Sarigiannis, A Gotti, S Karakitsios, A Pronk, E Kuijpers, M. Jerrett... 
International journal of environmental research and public health 14 (4), 4342017 April 2017


Long-Term Exposure to NO2 and Ozone and Hypertension Incidence in the Black Women’s Health Study 
PF Coogan, LF White, J Yu, RD Brook, RT Burnett, JD Marshall, M. Jerrett... 
American journal of hypertension, hpw1682017 April 2017

Assessing the exposome with external measures: commentary on the state of the science and research recommendations 
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Interactions between cigarette smoking a Benefits of mobile phone technology for personal environmental monitoring 
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Interactions between cigarette smoking and ambient PM 2.5 for cardiovascular mortality 
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Ambient fine particulate matter and mortality among survivors of myocardial infarction: population-based cohort study 
H Chen, RT Burnett, R Copes, JC Kwong, PJ Villeneuve, MS Goldberg, M Jerrett...  
Environmental health perspectives 124 (9), 14212016 November 2016

Comparing the health effects of ambient particulate matter estimated using ground-based versus remote sensing exposure estimates 
M Jerrett, MC Turner, BS Beckerman, CA Pope III, A van Donkelaar, ... 
Environmental health perspectives 125 (4), 5522017 September 2016.

Safe routes to play? Pedestrian and bicyclist crashes near parks in Los Angeles 
M Jerrett, JG Su, KE Macleod, C Hanning, D Houston, J Wolch
Environmental research 151, 742-7552016 September 2016

Estimating PM 2.5-associated mortality increase in California due to the Volkswagen emission control defeat device 
T Wang, M Jerrett, P Sinsheimer, Y Zhu  
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Differential respiratory health effects from the 2008 northern California wildfires: A spatiotemporal approach 
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A class of non-linear exposure-response models suitable for health impact assessment applicable to large cohort studies of ambient air pollution 
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Critical review of health impacts of wildfire smoke exposure 
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